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Welcome to Apollo Technosystems | High-Quality Medical Equipments

Apollo Technosystems is a US based Medical Equipment Manufacturing Company, from the state of New York. We have more than 20 years of individual domain expertise in various fields of Engineering and Medical technology and we produce Medical Equipment like Ultrasonic Scalpels, Endoscopy Cameras, CO2 Insufflators, Monitors and more.

    • Ultrasonic Scalpel

      Ultrasonic Scalpel

      The Ultrasonic Scalpel uses ultrasonic energy to promote hemostatic cutting and coagulation of soft tissues

    • 4K UHD Endoscopic Camera

      4K UHD Endoscopic Camera

      Water resistant 4K UHD Camera Head with IPX8 rating. High shutter speed up to 60 frames per second.

    • 3 Full-HD Cmos  Cameras

      3 Full-HD Cmos Cameras

      Three 1/3 inch CMOS camera Image sensors with resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). Advanced set of performance

    • CO2  Insufflator

      CO2 Insufflator

      Fully automatic and Microprocessor controlled. Filter system for sterility and up to 30 liters/minute of stable pressure.

    • Led Light Source

      Led Light Source

      Illumination greater than 1100000 Lux. Color temperature of 5600K. Up to 5 years of longevity. Sturdy, shockproof, rustproof.

    • Irrigation Pump

      Irrigation Pump

      Fully automatic Microprocessor based system. Maintain stable pressures with a flow rate 1 ltr/Min

Our Product Features

High Product Quality
It is our first and foremost policy to produce and deliver high quality products to customers. Apollo shall always prioritise subcontractor and vendor quality with stringent selection and operational parameters.

Quality of Manpower
Apollo shall ensure that its manpower is competent, skilled and up to date with the latest technology through continuous training exercises, workshops and appraisals and shall also foster teamwork among its employees.

Quality of Marketing

Apollo will choose proper marketing tools, give utmost importance to the quality of promotional material, branding campaigns and measure its effectiveness constantly.

Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

While making technical advancements to compete in the global market, we always keep our products safe for use, efficient and conforming to the statutory and regulatory requirements.

Environment Health and Safety (EHS)

Apollo shall ensure that the working conditions are clean, orderly and safe; that they encourage better health and education and maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, while protecting the environment and natural resources.

Economical Usage

All Apollo Technosystems products provide higher durability and ultimate precision for the most economical usage possible.

Apollo Technosystems

Apollo Products are manufactured keeping in mind the global medical space and all the research and development that goes into making sure our Medical Equipments provide high-performance and incorporate the latest technology available. We provide the best for our partners and clients, at an affordable price.