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About Us

Welcome to Apollo Technosystems

Apollo Technosystems is a US based Medical Equipment Manufacturing company, from the state of New York. With more than 20 years of individual domain expertise in various fields of engineering and medical technology, the goal of Apollo Technosystems is to deliver high performance products imbibing the latest innovations and advances in technology at affordable and cost effective prices.
The portfolio of medical products include –

  • Ultrasonic scalpels  ( Ultrasonic surgical generator, Hand pieces and Shears / Instruments )
  • Endoscopy cameras  ( 4K UHD, Full HD and SD range)
  • LED Light sources.
  • CO2 Insufflators.
  • Irrigation Pumps.
  • FHD and UHD Monitors.
  • FHD and UHD Scopes.

The Products conform to the latest standards of CE, US FDA and ISO

Apollo’s expertise in manufacturing and technology allows it to design and develop custom models and configurations for OEM / ODM customers. It can execute contract manufacturing, designing and customization as per customer needs.

Distributors and Customers from all over the world and welcome to evaluate Apollo products and services.